Monday, September 27, 2010

Third Ward Meeting - September 29

On Wednesday, September 29, I hope you will join the residents of the Third Ward for a lively and productive meeting about our neighborhood. While we will discuss city services and the needs of our community members, one of the top items on our agenda is the request from DePauw University to change the traffic flow on Anderson Street into the campus.

As many of you may know, DePauw University is in the process of putting together a long-term strategic plan. President Brian Casey recently briefed the community on the specifics, which include constructing a formal entrance on Anderson Street leading from the east off U.S. 231. This gateway into the campus is the primary reason for DePauw's request to change Anderson from a one-way street to a two-way street. You can read more about President Casey's presentation here:

I hope you'll set aside time to join me, Mayor Murray, city officials and our neighbors at the Greencastle Middle School at 6:30 p.m. for a thoughtful and meaningful discussion about our community.


Jinsie Bingham
Third Ward Councilor

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Park Your Bike in Downtown Greencastle!

Pictured from the front: Crystal Stonebraker, Cathryn Ensley and Suzanne Masten representing the Greencastle Civic League; Karla Lawless, director of the Putnam County Convention and Visitors' Bureau; and David Bault and Ricky Long from the Greencastle Department of Public Works, who installed the racks.

People who travel in Greencastle on bicycles no longer have to protect their bikes by chaining them to trees, benches or lamp posts when they stop to shop, eat or go to the post office.

Because of the generous contributions of the Putnam County Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Greencastle Civic League and the Greencastle Redevelopment Commission, these new green bike racks are conveniently located throughout downtown Greencastle.

We are most grateful for the continuing investment of these civic groups in our community. Once again I am reminded how very special this place we call home is.

Mayor Sue Murray

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


As we push toward the end of our 2010 road improvement projects, I would like to thank all whose homes and businesses have been inconvenienced along the way. Once the bids are received and contracts signed for road projects, the work usually moves fairly quickly. Unfortunately, this year we had some more extensive drainage and curb work on Indianapolis Rd. that turned the usual days of inconvenience into several weeks.

My sincere thanks to our citizens for their patience. There are always more roads in need of our attention, but I hope you find this year’s efforts a significant improvement.

Mayor Sue Murray