Friday, June 11, 2010

Moving our Community Forward

On behalf of the City of Greencastle, welcome to our Community Forward blog. It's an opportunity for us to give residents and friends of our community updates about our vibrant city. It also provides an inside look at many of the initiatives that set Greencastle apart from other cities of our size.

There are numerous elements that encourage a city to grow and thrive. From good schools, to employment opportunities, to parks and city services, our community has distinguished itself as one where people come together to make life better for those who call Greencastle home. We take community service and civic engagement seriously, which is why you'll find a robust Buy Local campaign, as well as a Sustainability Commission, a Youth Engagement Initiative, and a community garden grown from the seeds of an old parking lot.

It's the creativity and energy of our citizens that makes serving as Mayor such an honor and a privilege. I hope you'll check our blog often for updates to learn more about how we are collectively moving our Community Forward. I also encourage you to comment on our posts, and send ideas our way about what you'd like to see here.

Thank you!

Mayor Sue Murray

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